Welcome to Perpetual Forward Motion

We call it The PFM Way, where you’ll explore how to MOVE and THINK and FEEL and CONNECT in a simple and progressive process towards joyful running efficiency.

Stage One:
The PFM WujWum Series

A series of 6 online movement modules, bringing the practical concepts in the book Even With Your Shoes On to life; whilst the workshops are filmed in the great outdoors, you can dial into the sensory feedback of thoughtful movement patterns wherever suits you, moving onto the next level when you feel ready, using the Tissue Tolerance Factor Self-Assessment Tool.
You will delve into:
* The Pre-Run Warm-Up
* Helpful Movement in the Side View/Sagittal Plane
* Helpful Movement in the Left-to-Right/Frontal Plane
* Helpful Movement in the Rotational/Transverse Plane
* Efficient and Effective Hill Drills
* More Speed for Less Effort